Unarmed guards

Our unarmed agents represent the industry's most committed, professional  and highly trained. No other company demands so much from their employees. We set our expectations high because our clients deserve nothing less than perfection. Armed or unarmed, we have the solution that's right for you.

    Guardscan GS 3000
GS 3000 uses the latest wirless RFID technology to track employess whose work duties require moving from place to place, such as security guard patrol or overnight security, etc. The remote scanner records the date, time and location at a touch of a button. The information is downloaded and a report can be printed out for clients reveiw.

We are available 24-hours a day to customize your security solution. No matter what your security need is, Authentic Security Company has the resources, training and experience for every detail!

Event Security

From time to time our clients have special or annual events for which they need either primary security or an additional level of event security. We provide event security for such occasions as annual shareholder meetings, offsite board meetings, conventions, exhibitions, holiday parties, trade shows, employee events, fairs, etc. We also provide event security for activities such as transporting high value items from one part of the state or country to another, maintaining security while those items remain at the site.

In providing these services, we meet with our clients to understand the nature and scope of the event and then we tailor an event security response based on the client’s need and the realm of circumstances surrounding the event.

Authentic Security patrol units have among the highest visibility rates. Whether riding along residential neighborhood streets, or quietly stationed in shopping mall parking lots, Authentic Security patrol cars deliver maximum vigilance and crime deterrence. Our patrol services are an increasingly popular choice for organizations of all types, as regular patrols are effective at deterring crime while remaining easy on your budget.

Mobile patrols are conducted by Authentic Security trained supervisors, alarm responders and mobile guards who randomly, but regularly, visit and inspect your location to perform the same security services an on-site guard would perform, either internal or external, or both. These may include: checking windows and doors, arming and disarming alarms, removing loiterers, escorting employees to vehicles, locking buildings, looking for signs of wrongdoing and potential danger/hazards, and deterring would be wrong-doers. Authentic Security mobile patrol services provide:

. Marked and Unmarked Security Vehicles
. Visible patrol units outfitted with onboard dispatch and GPS system and all the equipment guards might need for emergencies and traffic control
. Tight patrol zones for fast response
. Around the clock dispatcher centers
. Patrols performed by Authentic Security, typically career security professionals with significant security experience